1.Filtek™ Z350 XT Universal Restorative that is newest technology from
3M ESPE, to give you the next generation of nanocomposite. Now, the
improved polish retention and enhanced fluorescence will give yo even
more natural-looking results. Plus Filtek Z350 XT restorative expands
your possibilities by offering a wider range of shades in all
opacities—Dentin, Enamel, Body and Translucent-in an easy-to-use,
color-coded system with bold labes that are easy to read.
2.Packing: 1 x 4g refill pack
3.Simple to Use
Expanded selection of Body shades
Syringes are color-coded by opacity
Bold, easy-to-read labels
Exceptional handling
improved handling of Translucent shades Performance
Wear resistance equivalent to Filtek Z350 Universal Restorative
Outstanding strength for anterior and posterior use Indications
Shade Available

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