1.1/4 CMOS high resolution intra oral camera.
2.Built-in SD card, video output, or connect with computer through USB card
3.Reliable light source with 6 pieces white light LED.
4.The images display on 2.5inch LCD, no hassle connection required.
5.Adjust the brightness and contrast on the LCD directly.
6.It has 5 buttons to control: freeze, save, previous image, next image, and
7.Easy to carry, can be used anywhere, the images can be saved into SD card
and won’t disappear forever.
8.Easy operation and automatic focus, camera can be used without docking
9.High power capacity lithium battery, it doesn’t need to connect with other
adapter, keeping a long service life.
10.Connect with: M-99 2.5inch LCD, M-89 Battery, and CF-986 intra oral
HAVE CE,FDA and one year warranty

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