SM-CYSM-200,17-inch Monitor with Built in Intraoral Camera (wireless)



1.Camera features a1/4 inch Sony High Definition CCD Image Sensor.
2.17” Monitor features High Definition resolution of 1280*1024
3.Built-in SD Card Reader allows for easy image transport &file management.
4.High definition real time video input allows for quick playback and easy
patient diagnosis.
5.Camera buttons are easily accessible to control capture and playback for
both images and video.
6.Camera is illuminated with six bright LEDs;giving the best contrast,definition
and resolution quality.
7.Camera features Auto-Focus &Auto Gain control.
8.The operating wireless transmission frequency is 5.8 GHZ.
9.Four channel wireless transmitter and receiver,with transmission distance of
up to 19 feet.
10.Input supports USB,VGA,HDMI,A/V,including a second USB for video
11.Playback format includes MP3 audio,MP4 video and JPG images.
12.Adjustments on Monitor include Contrast,Brightness and Color.
13.Monitor comes equipped with a medical grade tempered glass front panel to
minimize scratches
14.Monitor language support includes,English Spanish,German,Portuguese and
17-inch monitor have wired and wireless,table type

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