High Energy Consumption
Mutiplr Safety Assurance
Operation Safety Guaranteed
This sterilizer is insatalled with imported electromagnetic vaive
and headter
Application Scope :The machine ,characterized by small and
elegant. High efficient and thorough sterilization, can be used
for the sterilization of small hign-temperature resistant utensils
and articles of medical users. It is also applicable for family
usage,its of best application for dentistry clinics.

1.Voltage AC220±22V Power 0.5KW
2.Sterilization temperature 134°C
3.Pressure sterilization 0.22Mp
4.Sterilization time 4min
5.Sterilization cycle time 11min
6.Sterilization tank capacity 3L
7.Water quality Distilled or deionized water
8.Outside Demensions 330*220*380

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