SM-CYMD750+MD900+250+MD 360



*Light and easy mobility
*Equipped with anti-fog, non-spherical lens
*Handpiece holder with automatic power-off function
*Singe image screen and 4 image intersected screen can be changed to each
*Can be stored 4×28 PCS pictures totally.
*With quickly deleted image, re-captured and enlarge function.
*With specific remote control.
*Both freeze function of footplate(option) and handiece.
* with 4 wireless channel.
1.Camera dental intra-oral wireless Specifications:
2.Image sensor: 1/4 sony CCD
3.Image resolution :2.0 mega pixels
4.Accumulation point: 5mm~50mm
5.Photographing visual angle:70
6.Accumulation point: 5mm~50mm
7.Frequency: 5.8GHz
8.Channel selection :4 channel
9.Ransmit power:10dBm(about 10m)
10.Output plug: USB and VGA(MD360)
USB and Video(MD370)

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