ENDO MOTOR with inbuilt Apex Locator 2-in-1 (Model: EconnectS)




This Device has the latest ATC technology in Endodontics ( this technology prevents files breakage in curved canals).
The device allows you to simultaneously monitor your working length on the screen in real time.
During Autofunction, this Endo motor will sense the canal orifice and starts rotating AUTOMATICALLY without pressing any button and then stops when it’s out of the canal orifice.This is also a safety feature to prevent
file breakage.
Once the AUTOFUNCTION IS activated, you don’t need to press a button for it to start running.
Have a preview of the following videos doc:
1. https://youtu.be/XuJudfA2ygo
2. https://youtu.be/Fkdv0wndcPM
3. https://youtu.be/yiC1gocrGV
4. https://youtu.be/zyCqnepZolA
5. https://youtu.be/sG0JGk3MZ94

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