SM-CYY006 CYSM-070 Dental Anesthesia Apparatus





1.Host uses the standard 1.80 ML card board type anesthetics and two types of needle.
Mainly used for oral anesthesia injection.
2.No such as pipeline consumables, retrenchment of the anesthetic and clinical cost.
3.Unique design will hold needle type and one key type operation perfect union, let the
doctor operate more easily


1.working environment: equipment is suitable
for the common environment places.
2. power adapter input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
output: 9VDC
3. work power: in-built rechargeable batteries
(150mA/h) 6V,
4. working voltage: 5-7VDC
5. working current: 60-120mA
6. standby time: 12 days
7. working time: a sufficient
electricity,continuous working time more than
180 minutes
8. speed output: high/medium/low three gears,
Low speed: about 180 seconds/ml,
Speed: about 90 seconds/ml, High-speed:about
60 seconds/ml
9. work instructions: LED green lights
10. alarm instructions: LED red flashes

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