SM-CYY005 10W dental laser





1.Use the wavelength of 808nm or 980nm which are within the biological cells’absorption
peak range and have the best effect on human tissue surgery;
2.Use GaAs diode laser which has the advantages of few heat and power consumption,
stable output power, long life and so on;
3.Use smooth cut end light guide fiber (a variety of fiber core diameters are optional),
which is flexible in operation and easy to use;
4.Use programme built-in embedded chip, 5 inch color LCD touch resistive screen, manmachine
interface for control system. It’s reliable and easy to operate;
5.Have many output modes including continuous, repeated pulse and so on which are
available for different surgery needs;
6.Have power detection system which can correct the power automatically according to user
7.Have fiber plug-in detection function. In order to prevent light-colored light, the fiber
must be detected to make sure the therapeutic equipment can work properly;
8.Use 650nm red diode laser as aiming beam to facilitate positioning during physician’s
9.Have over-temperature protection, remote chain, emergency stop protection system;
10.Use wide voltage input which can be applied to the worldwide net power;
11.Desktop styling, compact, easy to move and carry


1.Laser type: GaAs diode laser
2.Laser wavelength: 808nm & 980nm
3.Laser mode: Multi mode
4.Output power : 0.5-10W (980nm)
continuously adjustable
5.Divergence angle: ≤ 25 mrad
6.Power instability: ≤ ± 10%
7.Aiming beam: 650nm red diode laser, 3mW
8.Delivery system: Fiber: support the fiber with
diameter of 200um, 300um,400um,
600um,800um, 1000um (optional). Standard
configuration:400um fiber treatment handpiece
(disposable fiber head), beam expand raying
head for whitening.
9.Operation and control: Color touch screen,
microcomputer control
10.Display: 7″ resistance-type true color touch
11.Operation mode: Continuous output,
repeated pulse output
12.T on: 25μs ~ 1000ms
13.T off:25μs ~ 1000ms
14.Frequency:1 ~ 20k Hz
15.Cooling system: TEC semiconductor
cooling, heat pipe air cooling

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