SM-CYL015 CYK-Puro-2





Main part materials:
1) Outer housing: PP, food grade plastic
2) Boiling chamber and its internal top: high grade SUS304 stainless steel, resist acid and
alkaline corrosion
3) Influent and steam-out pipe: food grade silicon
4) Condensation coil: SUS304 stainless steel tube with food grade aluminum alloy films
5) Heating element: aluminium alloy, does not produce harmful substances when heated
6) Over temperature Safety: Power-off when temperature is 160°C


1) Power: 350-750 W
2) Related voltage and frequency: AC
110/120V,50/60HZ,AC220/240V, 50Hz/60Hz
3) Size: 40cm x 24cm x 48cm
4) Daily distillate capacity: 24L
5) Boiling chamber capacity: 4L
6) Gross weight: 6.5kg

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